About Me

My name is Reed Novak. I am 23 and live in Southern California. I am a creative designer that works in a multitude of media. I illustrate in multiple styles, both traditional and digital. I produce assets and renders in digital 3D. I create modern designs that reflect the knowledge and experience that I’ve gained. I write, play music, take photos, play video games, crochet, and eat more than I should. But above all, I’m a story teller.

I believe that story telling is the greatest way to convey information from person to person. And for me, design is all about communication. Art reaches out and tries to touch the viewer intellectually and emotionally while design can direct the viewer to see things in ways that they hadn’t before. In both cases, the inclusion of strong story telling adds so much to the work and creates such a compelling piece.

I love working in new fields and using new techniques and technology. I am so excited by the age of technology we live in and look forward to what will be created. In the mean time, I will continue to learn the tools of our time as well as return to the tools of the past such as block printing and hand binding books.

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