Design dictates usability, directs functionality, and informs the end user. Like art, it can also evoke emotion and be pleasing to the eye. In the merging of the two, endless possibilities are created, bound only by creativity. No matter the form or function, visual or minimal, elegant or brutal, there is a solution to every design problem. All it takes is a little hard work to get there.

Artwork | Drawing of closeup plants above a morning cityscape
Decorative border for image
Artwork | Drawing of a silhouetted woman dancing on rocks in the water at sunset
Decorative border for image


9,741 km, 6052 miles, one giant ocean. Born in South Korea and raised in Southern California, I’m no stranger to marrying different ideas to create compelling stories. Art has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I am so excited to explore new techniques, styles, and forms that allow me to tell more stories.