The nonprofit organization North County Lifeline ran an end-of-the-year giving campaign for their program Adopt-A-Family. This campaign focuses on linking donors with families in need to provide gifts, financial aid, gift cards, and more for the Christmas holiday season.

We needed to run social media and print advertising to gather donors and sponsorships for the campaign over multiple months as well as marathon donation events such as a Giving Tuesday campaign push.


I was brought on as an intern under the Marketing and Outreach manager to form a two person team to take charge of this project. I was in charge of creating the digital and print assets for the campaign, develop and run the Giving Tuesday donation website, as well as take part in the development of the campaign marketing strategy as a whole.

In total, I created a printed program brochure, a mailed out postcard, a donation website via Classy, and over 30 different social media images and callouts.

Program Brochure


As a community focused nonprofit, North County Lifeline was heavily focused on using their funds sparingly outside of their community programs. As such, I did not have access to materials (stock images, fonts, photography equipment, etc.) that I could not obtain for free or procure myself.


This campaign was my first large scale project with North County Lifeline as an intern. It was a great learning experience as there was a large diversity in materials needed. Time management was key to keep up with the constant flow of social media output as well as flexibility to constantly pivot and change our messaging and visual look depending on feedback from both the board and social media engagement.

It was interesting navigating the world of social media marketing and learning the intricacies of growing engagement. Learning how to best navigate the at-the-time Facebook’s 20% text rule while balancing information was at times frustrating, however we saw very positive results by the end of the campaign.

Postcard Design


We successfully raised the funds needed for the year’s program while also expanding the number of unique donors from the previous year. Through the social media outreach, the nonprofit’s Facebook page gained over 200 new follows and more than tripled in weekly average engagement. The campaign received praise from both the program workers and other programs from across the nonprofit.

Given our resource limitations, time crunch, and my experience level at the time, I am very happy with what I accomplished and was very happy with the impact my team provided.

Donation Website through Classy | Examples of Social Media Images