The nonprofit organization North County Lifeline hosted a fundraising event and celebration for their LifeSpring program.

“LifeSpring is a supportive housing program designed especially for youth and young adults who are exiting the foster care systems. The goal of the program is to help young adults bridge the gap between foster care and independence. LifeSpring provides transitional housing and intensive case management. With support, these hardworking young adults achieve financial, employment, and education goals – leading to self-reliance.”

This was the first year that this event was held off campus.


I was in charge of designing the marketing materials, setting up the donation and ticket website, and ensuring the marketing funnel operated as intended. I also created the logo and brand style for this event.

Some of the final print materials.


As a community focused nonprofit, North County Lifeline was heavily focused on using their funds sparingly outside of their community programs. As such, I did not have access to materials (stock images, fonts, photography equipment, etc.) that I could not obtain for free or procure myself.


My team had a relatively short deadline for this project since we were in the middle of other projects at this time. In total, all materials were created, printed, distributed, and/or launched within 2-3 weeks.

This was the first event that I took part in advertising and marketing for. I learned a lot in the short time period about how this nonprofit communicated with their audience and how to best optimize that process in the short timeline.

Being in charge of creating the look and feel of the entirety of the marketing materials was daunting as an intern, but I greatly enjoyed it and am grateful for the experience. From this one project, I touched many fields from postcard creation and delivery, printed programs and flyers, and even ticket management websites.

Ticket Website and Digital Banner


I finished all of my work within the projected timeline and the event took place without any friction. The event sold out and raised more than the required amount of funds to help ensure the program kept helping transitional youth.

While a relatively small event, there was still a lot of complexities to track throughout this project, and I’m very happy with how everything turned out.