Project Good Work is a boutique marketing group focused on helping individuals who want to launch social impact projects, charities, and change-making initiatives develop their brand, marketing strategy, and content. PGW needed an online hub to present their services to Changemakers and gather like-minded individuals.


I was in charge of developing the look and feel of the website in addition to building the website on Squarespace. The website needed to fully communicate the goods and services provided by PGW while still remaining clean and minimal to help direct the clientele. Additionally, landing pages for their podcast and previous work needed to be easily accessible and presentable. And finally, a blog was necessary to complete the functionality of the website.

Website Home and Services Pages


I needed to develop this website on Squarespace, which was a platform I had not yet used. While the templates were easy enough to use, added customization and functionality needed to be hand coded. Additionally, I needed to develop an attractive site, loaded with information, that still remained as minimal and clean as possible.


While I am not greatly experienced with coding, I found this website simple enough to customize. There were some hiccups that came with learning Squarespace on the fly, but ultimately I finished the website with all of the functionality and design sensibilities that the client desired.

For future projects, I now have a greater understanding of the strengths and limitations of Squarespace as a website platform.

Portfolio and Project Page


After finalizing and launching, the website has seen steady traffic growth and is reaching a global audience from every major continent. Clients of the website have expressed their appreciation of the straightforward presentation of the website and the clean design elements.